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The Honolulu Dance Studio offers instruction in the following:

Classical Training       Technique               Hip Hop             Specialty      
Ballet Theory Technique/Turns Street Funk Tumbling/Pre-Tumbling
Ballet Movement Technique R&B Hip Hop Breaking
Pointe Jazz Street Jamzs  Keiki  Tahitian/Hula
Pre-Ballet Pre-Jazz Street Jazz  Acrobatics 
  Technique/Lyrical Breaking   

Class warm up includes stretch and an abdominal workout.  Dancers will progress across the floor with many variations of jumps and turns.  All combinations are done across the floor.  Jazz shoes, Foot thongs or socks are recommended.

Class includes full warm up.   Center techniques and progressions developed from classical ballet and modern dance.  The last portion of class will be used to train dancers to assemble and retain choreography.   This process incorporates a series of movements designed through classical technique, Modern, Funk and Broadway styles.  The goal is to produce a well-trained dancer with the ability to use their skill as a means of exercise and artistic presentation.
Technique & Lyrical:
Class begins with a short center stretch. Dancers proceed to the barres to train in classical ballet exercises performed to contemporary music. The second half of the class trains dancers in Modern/Lyrical or Contemporary styles of Choreography.
Contemporary Dance:
Class excludes complete warm up. Dancers are given an opportunity to stretch themselves in the beginning of class. Dancers must attend class aligned and prepared to quickly learn choreography. Contemporary dance is a combination of modern, lyrical and interpretive movement styled by each individual instructor. Improvisational studies are incorporated into each class.
Modern Dance:
Class includes warm up, technique, center, progressions and combinations with studies in terminology and methodologies extracted from renown modern dance founders; Graham, Horton and Lewinsky. (Currently Modern principles and techniques are incorporated into the Jazz and Contemporary classes.  HDS/BDP is not holding exclusive Modern classes

(Floor Exercise Skills only)
Class begins with cardio jumping warm up to strength stamina and ignite quick muscle reaction time.  Class continues with stretch, conditioning and progressions of tumbling skills across the mats.  Students are encouraged to progress in their individual skill level goal.  Spotting is provided when needed.


Class warm up includes stretch, strength, conditioning and safety falling techniques.  Tumbling skills are practiced with an emphasis on many rolling, handstand and cartwheel variations.  Partnering lifts may be incorporated.  Class is conducted on gymnastic mats.  Acrobatic skill is focused on gymnastic skills that may be performed in a dance routine or floor exercise.

Hip Hop: 
Class begins with a formal stretch, body isolations, warm up and incorporates abdominal and arm strengthening exercises.   The class moves into popular urban steps across the floor and is followed by choreographed dance with a variety of popular music.

Street Funk:
An "anything goes" style of movement unique to an instructor's personal style.  Class will begin with a structured stretch and moves directly into choreography.  Choreography incorporates hip hop, thrashing (controlled throws) and jazz movements.  Each class include maximum choreography.  This is a must for mentally and physically conditioning dancers to retain and project movements required in auditions and performances.

R & B (Lyrical) Hip Hop:
An urban movement class which combines modern and contemporary dance into a blend of hip hop choreography designed with depth of movement and meaning.  Most movement is taught to the lyrics or beats of the music in contast with the traditional 8-count system of memorizing combinations.

 Taught by the world renown 808 Breakers.  These classes include a warm up, strength; acrobatic type skills mixed with spins utilizing varied body parts as the point of rotation. The class is conducted with several instructors simultaneously training individual students.  This produces a semi –private type of instructional class.  Breaking class concludes with a friendly cypher (dance battle).  All students are encouraged to participate.

Cardio Hip Hop:
A blend of the most popular hip hop moves with an aerobic "don't stop till you drop" attitude.  This class will also include core strength and conditioning along with a variety of choreographed movement.  Individual styles of hip hop will vary with each instructor.

Performance Hip Hop (Hip Hop PC):
 Takes intermediate hip hop choreography right to the stage.  This class may only be taken with another hip hop training style class at the director’s approval.  Dancers will be firmly prompted towards performance.  
Street Jazz:
Is a marriage between traditional jazz and Hip-hop.  The warm up consist of a few basic technical jazz skills, while the choreography is generally Hip hop in nature.  This class is designed for fun and exercise with a hint of traditional dance skill discipline. (This class is not currently offered on the summer schedule although by nature many of the keiki (3-10 years old) beginning jazz levels tend to train movement and technique with a similar street Jazz format. Street Jazz encourages a style of simple movements that are easily acquired by a beginner dance student. )

 Open Classes:
Open classes include a variety of genre available for an open age range of students.  The instruction is conducted with an adult focus.  Students unable to maintain this standard of learning must attend an age specific class.   Please consult the director at (808) 699-4199 if you have questions on our Open class listings.

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